My name is Nick and I'm a wedding photographer from Indianapolis, Indiana.

I grew up in the small, two stop light town, of Whiteland, Indiana and  I have lived in Indiana my entire 29 years of life.

Being a shy and quiet kid growing up, I gravitated towards the arts as a way to express myself.  I'm a self-taught photographer that started out photographing concerts and bands which later transitioned into shooting fashion photography.  In the 8 years of being a professional photographer, I have been humbled by the opportunities that have occurred.  I have photographed some of the smallest and biggest bands. I have even been published in PATTERN magazine along with other various online fashion publications.

All the exciting youthful years of photographing concerts.  Along with all the hours of hard work and labor of shooting fashion.  Those experiences and knowledge have led me to you.  Family and friends have called me genuine, efficient and fun. I may become teary eyed during the father/daughter dance or wait half a second to take in the the joy of the grooms expression as their best friend walks down the aisle before I click the shutter button. When all is said and done, I will deliver fun yet elegant photographs that will encompass the perfection of your day forever  – I assure you’ll like the way I see things. 

My only question for you is... will you let me dance to the Footloose theme song at your wedding?